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3FL Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Bangkok Menam Riverside Hotel
2074 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Phraya Krai Subdistrict, Bang Kho Laem District, Bangkok 10120

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 096-242-8299

Business Hours

Open Every Day 11am – 11pm

Thai Massage & Spa Charoenkrung, Bangkok near Sathorn, Icon Siam.

Welcome to Heavena Wellness, your oasis to wellness in Bangkok! Our spa is located in Bangkok’s Charoenkrung District near Sathorn and Icon Siam. Unwind, rejuvenate, and discover the ultimate spa experience that transcends the physical realm.

Step into an Oasis of Tranquility Spa in Bangkok

Nestled amidst the vibrant cityscape of Bangkok’s Charoenkrung district lies Heavena Wellness, a spa in Charoenkrung dedicated to restoring balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. Immerse yourself in a world of pampering and rejuvenation, where expert therapists guide you through the ancient art of Thai massage, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace life’s challenges.

Thai Massages in Bangkok: Lighten Up in Luxury

Heavena Wellness follows a holistic approach to wellness, meticulously crafting each treatment to address your unique needs and preferences. Our spa in Bangkok’s serene ambiance, infused with the soothing aromas of aromatherapy, provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Our therapists are trained in the time-honored traditions of Bangkok’s Thai massages. Possessing a wealth of knowledge and expertise, they ensure that each session is a deeply personalized and transformative experience.

A Symphony of Bangkok Thai Massage Techniques

Indulge in our diverse range of Thai massage treatments, each a bespoke creation in our spa in Charoenkrung. Thai massages are a signature of our spa in Bangkok, a comprehensive treatment that incorporates acupressure points, yoga postures, and stretching techniques, promoting deep relaxation, improved flexibility, and enhanced energy flow. For those seeking targeted relief, our specialized massages, such as the neck and shoulder massage or the foot massage, address specific muscle tension and discomfort.

Benefits that Extend Beyond Relaxation

Thai massage is an ancient practice that extends far beyond just resetting your body and mind. Its therapeutic benefits encompass a range of physical and mental well-being. As specialists in this timeless craft, Bangkok’s Thai massage therapists showcase that the benefits include the following.

Deep Relaxation

Thai massage’s gentle pressure and rhythmic movements work to release muscle tension, promoting a sense of profound relaxation and tranquility.

Pain Relief

Thai massage’s acupressure techniques can effectively alleviate pain from various conditions, including muscle aches, arthritis, and headaches

Improved Flexibility

Thai massage’s incorporation of yoga postures and stretching enhances range of motion and flexibility, reducing the risk of injuries.

Enhanced Energy Flow

Thai massage aims to balance the flow of energy, or prana, throughout the body, promoting overall well-being and vitality.

Thai Massage & Spa Treatments


60 MINS 950 BAHT / 90 MINS 1,350 BAHT / 120 MINS 1,650 BAHT

Warm Oil Aromatherapy Massage

Warm Oil Aromatherapy Massage

60 MINS 1,700 BAHT / 90 MINS 2,100 BAHT / 120 MINS 2,650 BAHT



60 MINS 2,300 BAHT


60 MINS 1,700 BAHT / 90 MINS 2,100 BAHT / 120 MINS 2,650 BAHT

A Team of Experienced and Qualified Therapists

Our therapists are the heart and soul of Heavena Wellness, each possessing a deep understanding of Thai massage techniques and a genuine passion for helping others achieve optimal health. Their expertise, coupled with their compassionate approach, ensures that each massage is a personalized journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation.

A Haven of Luxurious Facilities and Amenities

From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll be enveloped in an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. Our spa’s elegant design and plush furnishings create a haven of relaxation, while our attentive staff is dedicated to ensuring your utmost comfort and satisfaction. Our facilities include private treatment rooms, a tranquil relaxation lounge, and a range of amenities to enhance your spa experience.

Embrace the Essence of Wellness

Heavena Wellness invites you to embark on a transformative journey of wellness, where the ancient wisdom of Thai massage meets the epitome of modern luxury. Our comprehensive treatments, combined with the expertise of our therapists and the serene ambiance of our spa, will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace life with renewed vigor.

FAQs – Your Queries, Our Answers

Yes, you can book specific treatments online through our website or by calling our friendly staff. We recommend booking in advance to secure your desired time slot, especially for popular treatments or during peak seasons.

Heavena Wellness is conveniently located just 5 km from IconSiam, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a relaxing spa experience after a day of shopping or exploring the city. Our spa is situated on Charoenkrung Road, within easy reach of IconSiam and other popular attractions in the area.

Yes, all of our therapists are fully certified and experienced in the art of Thai massage. They have undergone extensive training and possess a deep understanding of the therapeutic benefits of Thai massage. Our therapists are committed to providing personalized and effective treatments, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Thai massage is an ancient practice that combines acupressure points, yoga postures, and stretching techniques to promote relaxation, pain relief, improved flexibility, and enhanced energy flow. Unlike traditional massages that focus primarily on muscle manipulation, Thai massage addresses the body’s energy pathways, or sen lines, believed to be essential for maintaining overall well-being.

While walk-ins are welcome, we strongly recommend booking an appointment in advance to guarantee your preferred time slot and treatment. This ensures that our therapists have ample time to prepare for your session and provide you with the most personalized and attentive care.

  • Asiatique The Riverfront: is a vibrant night bazaar and entertainment complex located approximately 10 minutes and 1.5 kilometers from Heavena Wellness & Spa in Charoenkrung. It offers a diverse array of shops, restaurants, bars, and live performances, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists.
  • Chaopraya River: The iconic Chaopraya River flows right beside Heavena Wellness & Spa in Charoenkrung, offering a scenic backdrop and a tranquil atmosphere. You can take a leisurely boat ride along the river to explore Bangkok’s historical landmarks or simply enjoy the serene surroundings.
  • River City Bangkok: is a renowned antique and art emporium situated approximately 15 minutes and 4 kilometers from Heavena Wellness & Spa in Charoenkrung. It houses a vast collection of antiques, artifacts, and artworks, providing a fascinating glimpse into Thailand’s rich history and cultural heritage.
  • IconSiam: is a world-class shopping and entertainment destination located 8 minutes and 5 kilometers from Heavena Wellnessb &  Spa in Charoenkrung. It features a comprehensive range of luxury brands, international restaurants, and interactive attractions, making it a popular choice for those seeking a sophisticated shopping experience.

Heavena Wellness and Spa’s Hotel Spa

The spa facilities at Heavena Wellness are designed to create a relaxing and luxurious experience. With its tranquil setting, comfortable lounges, and state-of-the-art treatment rooms, our spa is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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