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Heavena Wellness & Spa - Book a Private Massage Room by the the Chaopraya River

1. Choose from our Private Massage Room Options

Heavena Wellness & Spa is committed to giving you a choice in how you want to experience our private massage room. With a big selection of rooms available,  our staff are on hand and can help you find the right massage with spa options that best suit you.

2. Massage With Private Room and a View

Located next to the Chaopraya River, Heavens Wellness & Spa’s private massage rooms offer you a view of the Bangkok riverbank. Experience a Bangkok riverside spa in the heart of the city, where you can enjoy breathtaking daytime river views and a vibrant, illuminated cityscape at night.

3. The Heart of Bangkok Within Reach of Your Private Massage Room

Our location along the Sathorn district gives visitors access to the wider part of Bangkok, including the BTS Skytrain. This allows you to reach most of Bangkok while staying in Sathorn. Furthermore, you can also choose to take a river boat or ferry to enjoy a scenic cruise.

4. Private Massage Rooms According to Your Needs

At Heavena Wellness & Spa, we offer private massage rooms  where you can fully relax and unwind, free from the distractions of a shared space. Room provides an intimate setting for couples or individuals seeking personalized treatments tailored to their specific needs. Privacy ensures you can disrobe and enjoy your massage without inhibitions, fostering a deeper sense of comfort and well-being. Additionally, private massage rooms often come with enhanced amenities, such as soothing ambiance, adjustable lighting, and a serene atmosphere, elevating the overall spa experience to a luxurious level of indulgence. To view our  options, feel free to reach out to us.